Victorynger: The Musical Movie (ビクトリーンジャー:THEミュージカル劇場版, Bikutorīnjā: Ze Myūjikaru Gekijōban) is the movie version of Victorynger. Unlike the previous films, it made of used previous characters to used the continuous episode.



Main HeroesEdit

Truck/Speedway Samuel Joo/Rinko Yamoto
Aider Regina
Copter Ryotaro Nogami
Rail Yuuto Sakurai
Lotsu Mika Minazuki
Kuga Rider Samumaru
Troop Rider Uuey (a one of the Soocker minions who recuited by Eustace before he become the Rider)
Alter Singular Rider Alter-Samuel (before he sacrificed himself and corrupted so badly into the mysterious form)

Supporting HeroesEdit

  • Raito Sonozaki/Kamen Rider Cyclone
  • Shotaro Hidari/Kamen Rider Joker
  • Dark Dream


  • Eustace
  • Dr. Mikoto
  • Darkros
  • Soocker Minions (the survivor of Soocker who recuited by Eustace)
  • Warusame
  • Gillbat
  • Mouthlost
  • Heatgagirl (destroyed by Samuel who transformed himself as Rinko transform into Trail Rider)