The Successor of Go-OnRed! (ゴーオンレッドの後継者, Gōon Reddo no Kōkeisha) is the episode 29 of Go-Onger Season 2 where three parts of The Genesis First Battle. This story, sadly news about Samuel Nakaoka the Second's death. The enraged Go-Ongers preparing the fight at Kiyama Hiroto because he killed him. This newly debut was Go-OnRed's successor is Kiyone called Shin Go-OnRed.


After Samuel Nakaoka devastated dead, Hiramechimedes revealed he was sacrificed from protect Kazemaru. Peter asked him "why didn't you run away?", but he didn't respond at all.

After Peter used Go-OnRedBuster on Kiyama and shoot him, he became enraged at his action and call forth Gatling Banki to last attempt to kill Peter and the others. However, the blur view was Mantan Gun shooting attack and Peter and the others see the Mantan Gun who was supposedly alive Samuel Nakaoka the Second. Yuuri, however, saw Go-OnRed is a female and Gatling Banki tries to attack the mysterious female Go-OnRed but she rushes on him with Mantan Gun Rod Mode and instantly scraps him. Kiyama makes a getaway and used Industrial Revolution on Gatling Banki. The female Go-OnRed activates the Engine Souls


  • Kiyone reappearance after second arc.
  • This episode was Samuel's death that replaced by Kiyone's role until episode 37 which altogether.