Superbeast Sentai Aniranger (超獣戦隊アニレンジャー - Chojuu Squadron Aniranger) was the third and final Retro Super Sentai series. This Sentai Rangers was actually Samuel's father and Freddy's mother. Like Evolutager, the feature has monster by the Red Sentai Ranger. Has before with GoGoV and others has Ranger's monsters (exculding Retroman, Gingaman and Futuranger who doe not have monsters only mechas could communicate).


After event of Mutant Sentai Shinkager, the invasion last enemy was Dimenional War Pirates (before event, Pirateger appears previously enemy of War Pirates). Only way to defeat last enemy, Evolutager suit replaced to known as Aniranger. The hybrid animal and weaponize are know each others called Animarite the Fossil-living creation creatures (like Samuel's Star Galaxy Planet) called Fossirite Planet.


Falcon Samuel father
Monkey Yuuchan
Dolphin Freddy mother
Buffalo Yongchan
Snake Sinchan
Eagle Kanchan



  • Dimensional War Pirates Leader Dynal Bakki
    • Lisa Revolta (later become good as Mystcial Lisa Revolta)
    • Great Giant Revolta
    • Dr.Creator MK



  • AniWatch
  • Animal Saber (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and Purple)
  • Defender Gun (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and Purple)
  • Omega Blaster (Silver)
  • Rainbow Cannon (combination of Color Cannon and Omega Blaster)
  • Color Cannon (combination of five Color Blasters)
    • Color Blasters (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and Purple)
  • Red-Fist Command
  • Yellow-Fist Striking
  • Blue-Fist Divine
  • Green-Fist Earth Striker
  • Purple-Fist Poisonous Attack
  • Super Color Wand


  • Ultimate Animaroid (fourth and final combination of Omega Animaroid and Bull Robo)
    • Omega Animaroid (third combination of Super Animaroid and Eagle Garuda)
      • Super Animaroid (second combination of Animaroid and Fossil Mechroids)
        • Animaroid (first combination of five Animarite)
  • Fossil Animarites
    • Fossil Falcon
    • Fossil Monkey
    • Fossil Dolphin
    • Fossil Buffalo
    • Fossil Snake
  • Fossil Mechroid Tribes
    • Fossil Dragomites
    • Fossil Lobsterites
    • Fossil Sawsharkites
    • Fossil Exoticites
  • Eagle Garuda (combination of Fossil Eagle and Fossil Bros)
    • Fossil Eagle
    • Fossil Bros #1
    • Fossil Bros #2
  • Bull-Carrier/Bull Robo
    • Fossil Animarites Creator Center

Mecha CreationEdit

  • DefendMax Robo (destroyed in finale by Dynal Bakki, but merged with AdaDrill and Ultimasaurus into Buradisaurer in Pirateger)
  • Galaxy Defender Robo


  • Both Shinkager and Aniranger are both Ranger's monsters, but it the unknown the monsters would team-up with Retroman. However, the nonsense because three of the Super Sentai is not have Ranger's monsters.