Super Goseiger
Super Goseiger by blakehunter

Super Goseigers

is the power-up version of Goseiger created by Master Head. Also, Gosei Headders give their upgrade with Upgrade Card to formed Miracle Gosei Headders. After upgraded, their attacks was also upgraded as well.


Samuel Nakaoka JooEdit

Samuel only used power of Gosei Power Of Skick with helping trust for people who dares lives. His upgraded attack was "Skick Storm" and his finisher "Super Punishment".

Sakurako KintokiEdit

Sakurako using power of Gosei Power Of Landick with helping their hope to the flowers. Her upgraded attack is "Landick Quake", "Super Twist Attack" and her finisher "Landick Twist Burst".


Souichiro using power of Gosei Power Of Seaick with helping sea animals from out the BiBi Bugs. His upgraded attack was "Seaick Tsunami", "Ocean Strike" and his finisher "Seaick Oceanus Attack".