Squad Robo was the combination of five Squadonger Machines. It is resembled of DekaRobo, Gosei Great and DekaRobowing. It used the Squad Blaster similarite of DekaRobo's starter blaster. Like Squadongers, It finishing attack was using Squadonger's Enemy Choosers to choose Guilty or Innocent then say "Guilty!" to destroy it or "Innocent!" to capture the machine beasts known as Mechijuu. It also transformed into Squadonger Carrier then enlarged like-Squadon Banzooka called Mega Squadon Banzooka named by Dillain. The Mega Squadon Bazooka's finishing attack like Squad Robo to execute the Capture Blast when it innocent or Shutdown Burst when it guilty.

Squadonger MachinesEdit

Squad Racer and Squad FlyerEdit

Squad Racer and Squad Flyer is the primary pilot by Dillain and Akano. This two Squadonger Machines is part of the Flyer Racer.

Squad Remote, Squad Grinder and Squad WheelEdit

Squad Remote, Squad Grinder and Squad Wheel was the primary pilot by Anjangna, Miru and Haruto. This three Squadonger Machines is part of the Remote Wheelgrind.

Squadonger CarrierEdit

Squadonger Carrier is the first transformed Squad Robo made by Dillain. It can transform into robo form or blaster form.

Mega Squadon BazookaEdit

Mega Squadon Banzooka was the second transformed Squad Robo made by Dillain. It using finishing attack Capture Blast or Shutdown Burst. It can also transforming back into robo form.

Light Of GingaEdit

It used by Anjangna and glows into shining armor of Squad Racer. It can used finishing attack Superdrive Dimensional Cut.

Other CombinationsEdit

Squad GroundroboEdit

Squad Groundrobo is combination of Squad Robo and Groundrivers. It used finishing move Ground Mixing Fury.

Squad SearoboEdit

Squad Searobo was a combination of Squad Robo and Seadrivers. It using finish move is Sonic Spin Spin BangBang. Also, another finishing move attack was Sonic Spin Spin BangKick.

Squad SkyroboEdit

Squad Skyrobo is the combination of Squad Robo and Skydrivers. It performed finishing attack Hurri CanCan Bang.

Squad DriveroboEdit

Squad Driverobo was a combination of Squad Robo and the Driver Tribes. After Dillain's idea forming the Squad Robo combo, Dillain used the Agent Brace when it upgraded and using the tribes to create Squad Driverobo. It used the finishing move Driving Dimension.

VictorySquad RoboEdit

VictorySquad Robo is the combination of Squad Robo and Squad MotorRobo. When Samuel modify gattai system, the six Squadonger Machines combines into one robo. It finishing attack was V-Continuous Drive Dimension.

SuperiorSquad RoboEdit

SuperiorSquad Robo was the final combination of all Squadonger Machines. After the all seven gattai system is connected, Dillain using Squad Driver call out the all seven Squadonger Machines and combine into SuperiorSquad Robo. It using the finishing move Superior Dimension V-Continuous Attack.