Special Time: Against Megazords (スペシャルタイム:反対メガゾード, Supesharu Taimu: Hantai Megazōdo)
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The opponent Megazords in Special Time: Against Megazords

is the OZU, Monsuger and Cosmix: Past Eternal Battle's spin-off and net movie.


  1. Samuel vs. Ratatosk! (Samuel won the battle against Emil's main Megazord named Ratatosk Megazord)
  2. Samuel vs. Akina? (Samuel won the battle, but end up his Megazord Delta knocked out because he ran out of his Enetron Fuel)
  3. Peter vs. Jirou! (Jirou won the battle against Peter's main Megazord named MegaBirthRider)
  4. Genda vs. Samuel! (Both Genda and Samuel was end up draw)
  5. Samuel vs. Sosuke? (Samuel accidentally won the battle after Akina beating him)
  6. Samuel vs. Eureka vs. Kiyama? (Samuel end up lose and Eureka won the battle against Kiyama's main Megazord named Gran Megazord)
  7. Eureka vs. Reina: Catfight Match! (Eureka's Nirvash Megazord and Reina's Ulvida Megazord were defeated)
  8. Peter vs. Fuusuke! (Peter won the battle, but accidentally fell the ring, making Fuusuke won)
  9. Nagumo vs. Samuel: Hothead Match! (Samuel won the battle then end up chased by an angry Nagumo who losing the match)
  10. Samuel vs. Eiji vs. Peter: The Two On Match! (Eiji lose and Peter won the battle against Megazord Beta's Dumbell Switchiroid, but end up chased by an angry Lapis who his husband was knock out by Megazord Beta's dumbell)
  11. Samuel vs. Honey: A Weakness Deadly Match! (Samuel being stunned by Honey and lose by her Sweetkiss Megazord)