Singular Rider Returns: Eureka (シングラーライダー戻り値:エウレカ, Shingurā Raidā Modori-chi: Eureka) is the special event movie of GENERATION series. This movie was taken place to after Medager Part. The debut and first appearance was new Daizen Hero named Signal Rider from Daizen Monster: Signal with using Battery Memory to summons his kajins called KaijinHero Memory. The story was Eureka mastery used the SpeedUpGrade Memory to transform into her final form called Memori Rider SpeedUpGrade form to defeat a still alive Mandy as Negativ Rider.


After the demise of Cocoongias, Samuel defeating the survivor of Gaiark Drainer Banki. Eureka flashback in the shower when he defeating most of the enemies. When she showering, Samuel opening the shower room and see suprisely nude Eureka then chased by her.

Elsewhere at the cave, the mysterious hooded woman suddenly appeared and shown the pieces of Battery Memory, regenerating it, becoming a Negative Memory which is used her Memory Drive to become a dark Sentai Ranger known as Negativ Rider.

Meanwhile, at the meeting,


  • This movie has a censored scenes most are sexual scenes. Most scenes has little-bit cut scenes.
    1. In the scene, Eureka taking a shower and shown be nudity. However, it cut using the shower fog to don't see her nudity.
    2. When Eureka saw Samuel, he accidentally dropped his towel and she looks suprisely see his nudity. the two scenes was cut the scenes before he been chased by a furious Eureka.
    3. When Samuel see Eureka's bra, she suprisely seem be almost nudity. The scene was cut shortly.
  • The first appearance of Signal was suprisely the son of Ryu and Akiko that used to call every kaijins from using KaijinHero Memory, KaijinAttack Memory and KaijinForm Memory.