Sentai Ultimate Forms is the second last transformed form succeed from Final Form. After Final Form, the second powerful form as yet called Ultimate Form named by Dillain Joo since mistake from Kivata Rider's Extra Final Form.

Kivata RiderEdit

Ultimate FormsEdit

  • Kivata Four Final Styles Evokolution (when he calls Inga, Ramon, Suzuna and Blair, strangely enough, this is the ultimate form, Movie)

​Liner RiderEdit

Ultimate FormsEdit

  • Liner Fusion Form (when he summoned Ryotaro and the three small Gigandeaths, Movie)


Ultimate FormsEdit

  • Go-OnRed Infinite Form (Used by Samuel with Infinite Keylock when he unlocks the Ratatosk's and Rin's powers within his tamashii)


Ultimate FormsEdit

  • TaRaiKai Special Rush Charge (when he used Special Rush Charge to become a mixed form with his all seven Combo)
  • TaRaiKai Special Rush All Combo Charge (when he used Scanning All Combo Charge to become one-time all seven Combo)