Sentai Super Forms is the second transformation of Sentai Main Forms which is allowed to transform into Super Form with/out weapons. The Super Form's secondary named was Upgrade Forms or Extra Super Forms that allowed to transform into Upgrade Form only with the weapons. The third was first introduced was Unique Forms when using next form before used Super and Final Form.

Singular RiderEdit

  • Singular Rider Upgrade

Doubler RiderEdit

  • Doubler Rider's Upgrade Forms


  • GingaRed Survival
  • Super Gingamen


  • DinoBlizzard (DinoRed Moon's first upgraded form)
    • DinoRed Moon (DinoRed's pre-upgraded form)
  • DinoMax (DinoRed's second upgraded form)


  • DekaRed Bio Mode
  • Dekaranger SWAT Mode

Kivata RiderEdit

Super FormsEdit

  • Kivata Three Styles (when he calls Inga, Ramon and Suzuna Taki, this form was Super Form not Final Form)

Extra Super FormsEdit

  • Kivata Three Final Styles (when he calls Inga, Ramon and Suzuna Taki)
  • Kivata Three Final Styles Evokolution (when he calls Inga, Ramon and Suzuna Taki)


  • Super Gekiranger


  • Super Hyper ShinkenRed
  • Super Shinkenger


  • Pirateger Super Mode