Seaick of the Yuumajuu (ユウマージュのシーイック, Yuumāju no Shīikku) is the Yuumajuu/Seaick combined attribute elite solider created by Samuel who was in violent emotion. Her powers was Seaick after Samuel used Seaick Orb creating her. Her attacks was HardshowerCamoillusion, FreestopAqualen and Defengeyser copied version of SmoothshowerCamoflashIcstopIcelen and Defenstream.


She was born by Samuel, creating Yuumajuu with Seaick power and combine into single soldier along with Skick of the Warstar and Landick of the Matrintis. Since she was reappeared, she was disguise as Sakurako to fool Souichiro from loving her. However, she was tricked by Burajin and Souichiro when he disguise himself as Sakurako and the real Sakurako was sided with them, so they can intrust Samuel.