Saroge-DT of Imitation (イミテイションのサロゲDT, Imiteishon no Saroge Dī Tī): Saroge-DT is a Datas Hyper-like Matroid who ends his sentences with "death" (デス, desu), built personally by Robogōgu from researching Datas' schematics and upgrading them while extracting data on the Goseigers and Gosei Knight. As a result, Saroge-DT is able to counter any attack by the Goseigers and Gosei Knight. However, Saroge-DT is caught off guard by the effects of Gosei Blue's Camoumirage Card before being destroyed by the Miracle Gosei Knight Dynamic, then enlarged and beaten by Datas Hyper before he and Gosei Ultimate finally destroy the Matroid. Saroge-DT is named after Surrogates (サロゲート, Sarogēto) and modeled after a sponge. Voiced by Takahiro Miyauchi (宮内 尊寛, Miyauchi Takahiro).