Samuel... Berserk!! (サムエル、凶暴!, Samueru, Kyōbō!) is the 32th episode of Go-Onger. This part takes where Samuel's memories is killing edo people caused him his Beast Mode gone berserk. The Go-Ongers must stop Samuel's rampage before he destroys the cities. However, the Ancient Engines might something happened of him before he gone berserk states.


As the previous episode, Samuel's anger becomes an mindless berserk Beast-like human, the Shield Banki going to fight the mindless Beast with his indestructive shield. However, the berserk Samuel shots at the shield only shot Shield Banki and destroyed much to the Go-Ongers' shocked in horror. After Shield Banki scrapped, Samuel continues to rampages the cities because of berserk causing total destruction. With Engine-Oh G12 tried to stop him, he injuring Buson, Speedor and Jetras causing G12 Formation seperating.