Ryuki x Wuranger: Battle For Future World (リュウキとウーレンジャー: フューチャーワールドの戦い, Ryuuki to Ūrenjā: Fu~yūchā Wārudo Notatakai) is the crossover movie of Ryuki and Wuranger. This story was taking place after the episode. This story was the Future World is under siege by a evil magic witch called Vilitch, a future enemy of Samuel and Tamiko. However, Samuel has lost his Sentai forms because Vilitch used her curse to prevent his transformation and captures his being which two Samuels were lost their transformation. Only way to defeat Vilitch, Ryuki and the others were can to defeat her. Unfortunately, Tsukasa and the others were kidnapped by Vilitch's henchmen, a mechanical Rider and Contract Rider's doopelgagger Skirider to beat them.


During he end of this episode, the Future World was under attacked by evil Vilitch, but only stopped by a adult Shin-chan to break the Time Microphone. Tamiko grab it, but she escaped in battle to the dimension. Shocked, Vilitch invades to the Present World and breaking the dimensional portal, cause the erasing the past.

Meanwhile at Present World, the two schoolgirls watched the dimensional portal causing to erase their memories. At the Charizard's lab, Eureka angered at Shin-chan who fooling the girls and grab him to the In-Training Garden, staying at the area. Shin-chan looked the dimensional portal



Main CharactersEdit

  • Ryuki
  • Sameki
  • Kaniki
  • Kuwagaki
  • Saigyoki
  • Chogaki
  • Hebiki
  • Samuel Joo

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Supporting Characters


  • Shadow the Knight
  • Eustace
  • Dr. Mikoto
  • Suddendath Beta
  • Meridy (in Nothing World)
  • Alien Bat (in Nothing World)


Main CharactersEdit

  • Tamiko
  • Future Samuel (a purple girl form who seperates his being)


  • Vilitch (a evil witch who came to present and curse Samuel and seperates him in two to cancel his transform)
  • Skirider (a mechanical Rider who built by Shadow in the present time)
  • Galaxirider (a previous main antagonist and revealed she not killed, Vilitch tolds her about Future World)
  • Bannkirider (a ghost Sentai Ranger who created by Shadow in present time)
  • Blue Claw (a robot blue lobster who built by Eustace in present time as mecha)