Ranger Cannon Blaster is the Gokai Lion-like blaster which using five OhRanger keys to create a special weapon. When using five keys are set, it goes glows called Charge. With using Charge, it goes Red Charge, Yellow Charge, Blue Charge, Rhino Charge, Rev Charge or six new Charges for Silver Charge, Pink Charge, Green Charge, White Charge, Black Charge, (strangely both) Orange Charge and Special Charge. The other Charges goes Combo Charge, Cure ("name") Charge and Final Mode Charge.

Type of ChargesEdit

Red ChargeEdit

The Red Charge used by Dillain when placing the any red core keys. These Red Charge's versions are for Red Charge Special Strike or Red Charge Changed Form Version.

Yellow ChargeEdit

Blue ChargeEdit

Rhino ChargeEdit

Rev ChargeEdit

Silver ChargeEdit

Pink ChargeEdit

Green ChargeEdit

White ChargeEdit

Black ChargeEdit

Orange ChargeEdit

Special ChargeEdit


  • Strangely, Dillain used his Red Sentai key mostly, but he can't focusing on target because he was too scared of heights.