Prism Sword Go-OnBicker (プリズムソードゴーオンビッカー, Purizumu Sōdo Gō-onBikkā) is the Go-OnRed AllDragonFormation's primary and final weapon. This weapon is also knowns Hope Plasma Sword (希望血漿の剣, Kibō Kesshō no Ken) that first created from Samuel's hope, friendship and love after Cosmix and Fusion Form. He slashed the enemies with sparkles and electricity. When he taps the Hand Author, it announced Turn On! and shoot the enemies. When he inserts four Keys on Go-OnBicker Caliburshield, he's firing at the enemies with colorful blast called Prism Bicker Beam or Final Prism to revive a person. If he insert one Key on Go-onBicker Prismbick then press the buttom similar how used D-Touch, then summoned his allies to slash in one-hit enemies called Prism Bicker Slash or Finalusion to slash the enemies in three times with colorful aura. When he tap the Hand Author, it execute the finishing slash move called Shining Strike and announce Kirakira.

Shining StrikesEdit

Shining Strike (シャイニーングストライク, Shainīngu Sutoraiku) is the finisher move used by Samuel tapping the Hand Author. Each slashing attack has five finisher moves.

  1. If he tap one time, he executes the normal Shining Strike. Similar of Liner's DenSlash Ultimate, he summoned his inner beast then turned into crystallized image then jump into it. His finisher move was same thing as Samuel named it then infused his inner beast's crystallized image to slash the enemies in one blow.
  2. If he tap two times, he executes the stronger Shining Strike called Cosmix Shining Strike. Instead used normal finisher, he throws it like the boomerang then control his movements in three slashes.
  3. If he tap three times, he executes the shooting Shining Strike called Dragon Shining Strike. The first off is Cosmix Shining Strike then energize his Go-OnBicker as a blaster to shoot the enemies with cosmic beam.
  4. If he tap four times, he executes the thrust finisher Shining Strike called AllDragon Shining Strike. The first off is Cosmix Shining Strike then jumped in the air then throws into the enemies, destroy them.
  5. If he tap five times, he executes his ultimate Shining Strike technique called Plasmas Shining Strike. The first off is Cosmix Shining Strike then jumped in the air like AllDragon Shining Strike and prepare to slash the enemies.