Memory Medals are second set of arsenal. It based on the USB flash drive created by original Paladun (exculding Droite's memory).

List of the MemoriesEdit

Non-Functional MemoryEdit

  • Droite Memory Medal - This Memory has aggressive personality which possessed by Roho after birth. Enter revealed when it birth, her memory was inside Roho's body. Enter returns her memory to switch Elek Memory Medal then placed back. However, his basic personality is timid but she give back to Roho for his own memory. Whenever Droite's own memory thanks to his predessecor grandfather Samuel, still left grant him to courage. So he turned back into aggressive and aloof again then trains Droite to be courage.

Status Change MemoryEdit

  • Elek Memory Medal - The Memory was a symbolize of lightning found by Roho. Elek is the bee-like walking mode. Roho first used after Droite's training with own memories then fused with Elek into Elek Status Form.
  • Spray Memory Medal - The Memory was a symbolize of wave found by Roho. Spray is the dolphin-like walking mode. Roho first used after mastery of Spray then fused with it into Spray Status Form.