Mega-ZORDs (メガZORDs, Mega-Zōdo kaiji words means ゾーウド) is the mechanical robot who built by Samuel for the first time. His project Mega-ZORD are completely modeled as the first mecha. The mecha is not name yet until Ren Kosaka called Mega-ZORDs. This named was Gamma, Alpha, Beta and Delta. This too dangerous as the Wild MegaZORDs mentioned by Professor Enter.

List of the Mega-ZORDsEdit

Type 1: GammaZORDEdit

  • First GammaZORD (built by Samuel for the first time)
  • Samuel's MegaZORD (built by Samuel in Spaceranger, damaged by Nejire Hermit, upgraded by Salamandes in Rescuger, but destroyed by Zypheeza's latest creation Grandienara, fully rebuilt and upgraded by Samuel in Tornadonger, but damaged completely by DestroGrevious in Abaranger however, but repaired and fully completely upgraded by Samuel after it's parts is roasted in Dekaranger, upgraded by Morio Makino when Samuel's questions in Boukenger, but destroyed along with K'nuckles in flames, rebuilt by Enter, fully upgraded after Samuel's reunion by Kagefusa in Shinkenger)