Mebius: The Movie vs. Pretty Cure 5: Memo-Ry of Memory (メビウス:ザムービー対プリキュアファイブ:メモリのメモリー) is the crossover of Mebius and Pretty Cure 5. This story can placed to Mebius characters and Pretty Cure 5 characters are: The first Mebius, Dragon Memory, Bad End March and Cure Aqua. The second Chameleo Memory, Dark Rouge and Cure Rouge. The third Fangire Memory, Cure Lemonade, Cure Mint and Dark Mint. The fourth Gedoushu Memory, Dark Aqua and Dark Lemonade. The fifth Cure Dream and Dark Dream. The final is all characters.



  • Mebius
  • Univers (supporting)
  • Dragon Memory
  • Chameleo Memory
  • Fangire Memory
  • Gedoushu Memory
  • Pretty Cure 5
  • Dark Pretty Cure 5


  • Other Characters


  • Poseidon Warrior/Cross Memory Poseidon/Poseidon Warrior Red Strong (the desruction of hands by Mebius Cure and Cure Dream)
    • Poseidogami (destroyed by Mebius, Dragon Mebius and Cure Aqua)
    • Hademan Spear (destroyed by Chameleo Mebius)