Mandy (マンディ, Mandi) is the antagonist (later, rivalry ally) in Spaceranger that cause Samuel must be as a Destroyer of the Universes. He formerly work on Shadow and Sardines to destroy Samuel, but deeply hatred on his wife Eureka and eventually beating each others violents.


In her former form, he just a child before he violent attacking Samuel and Eureka. After she was defeated by her own Hurricane Punch, she goes worked on Shadow before she was destroyed by Eureka's counterattack.

After she turned into adult, she still on Samuel for fight, but main target was Eureka to destroy her. Like Samuel and Yuuto, she and Eureka go on the fight, but unlike them, they were goes catfight. Elsewhere in Singular Rider Returns, Eustace and Dr. Mikoto meeting her that she was survived 




First DeathEdit

Resurrection and Second DeathEdit

After she was killed by a angry Eureka, she was barely alive before she dying out. However, she weakly used her last powers to restore herself. With her new powers, she turned into a cyborg

Reborn of Mandy (History of Mandy)Edit

In the side-film Singular Rider Returns, Mandy will be start as main character as well Eureka like first, but not Samuel as supporting. She looked at Samuel defeating the survivor of Nejiras NejiraMonkey because he too powerful. She mentioned that Samuel destroys her body as a flashback. She reminded that her destroyed body infused with the surprisely Beast Memory called Extraction to turned into a adult.

The ReturnEdit

Afterward in Goseiger, she reappeared in the end of Samuels Quest before she disappeared, but shadowy before starts Pirateger. She reappears again before she goes work on Sardines, but going elsewhere. She killed Reika that Shadow's perfect plan was failed and scolded him before Shadow shocked at her because she doesn't need him and Sardine only for alone. Eureka shocked and anger at Mandy that she was survived.