Kyoryu Origami.jpg
Kyoryu Origami (恐竜折り紙, Kyōryū Origami): A crimson and black dinosaur (Sauropoda) support and the main Origami (which is Shinken Red's main weapon) that is normally in the form of the Kyoryumaru (キョウリュウマル, Kyōryūmaru), a Shinkenmaru-like weapon, used by the first Shinken Red. The Kyoryumaru's blade is capable of extending over long distances. After Go-Onger, the Road Sword is critically destroyed, but it was rebuilt then upgraded by Samuel when he tooks Hikoma Kusakabe's founder disk and introducing Kyoryumaru the second primary weapon. In Shinken Vs. Go-On, it can able to formed KanKan Kyoryumaru. In Gosei Vs. Shinken, after his Modikara powers was taken by Holland, Kyoryumaru apologize to Samuel for banishment. Kyoryumaru give his Modikara back to Samuel and become Hyper GoseiRed. As Samuel was badly injured and changed into Genderswap 2 (Shinken Vs. Go-On)/Genderswap 3 (Gosei Vs. Shinken) by Roger (Shinkenger)/K'nuckles (Goseiger), Samuel gained United Gattai Disk (Shinkenger)/Miracle Modikara Gattai Card (Goseiger) to combined with old friends. In Goseiger: The Gokai Episode, Kyoryu Origami playing with Samuel and Eureka's son Dillain Joo. In Act 56, it in love Tsumugi Kotobuki and turned human form as the boy and he stay with human form or his true form.