Inagi Zui is the Samuel's new major enemy who holds Samuel's inner to take over as Beast Mode. Her under guise name known as Despair (デスペアー, Desupeā) before her mask was break.


She is first appearance of Go-Onger Side-Story: Vs. Despair before she was perished by Samuel as Go-OnRed and Shadow in two-on-one duel, however, Samuel managing seal Despair.

Unfortunately in Modiken x Wuranger: Doki Doki of Magical, when Dr. Maki frees Samuel from the BEAST control, she revived and freed herself inside Samuel's inner after she was killed by the duos. With Samuel and Shadow able to break Despair's mask, she revealed it was Samuel's true nightmare is Inagi Zui since Samuel fears about Endo using his BEAST Memory to put Samuel's inner and prevent Samuel's mother's trust. She entirely stoles Liner's prototype model (before she made the Combo Memory Dark D-Medals) into Dark Evolution Driver.