Heavy Industrial Machine Hunter Jet
(Kaijūki Hunter Jet) (25, 32, 46): Piloted by Byoui. Destroyed by DekaBike Robo. Later rebuilt, and piloted by Sanoa. What happens to the machine after Sanoa is captured is unknown. Upgraded into Heavy Industrial Machine Hunter Jet II (Kaijūki Hunter Jet 2) but piloted by a Batusroid. Damaged by Patwing 5.

In Dekaranger, he nicknamed 0000-Dekasaurer instead of Hunter Jet. He can modified of armored weapons and armor suit.


These planetary powers called Switchinoids. These planetary Switchinoids were source of planets' powers used for Machine Industrials.

  1. Switchinoid: BuzzSaw
  2. Switchinoid: FieryBlaster
  3. Switchinoid: HoseGun
  4. Switchinoid: RoadingSaver
  5. Switchinoid: MedicineDater
  6. Switchinoid: Anti-MachineBlaster
  7. Switchinoid: ZaThunder (powered by six Switchinoids' mass power source)
  8. Switchinoid: LeftHander
  9. Switchinoid: DongaHammer
  10. Switchinoid: Leggergun
  11. Switchinoid: GasSpinner
  12. Switchinoid: MetaGigas (powered by ten Switchinoids' mass power source with Flora's Gigas data)
  13. Switchinoid: StampPede
  14. Switchinoid: Twistanado
  15. Switchinoid: LaserBlaster
  16. Switchinoid: Twin-Ton Sword
  17. Super Switchinoid: SMagnet (powered by ten Switchinoids' mass power source with Hyakusi's magentic surge)
    1. Switchinoid: Red Magnetgun
    2. Switchinoid: Blue Magentsaber
  18. Switchinoid: GloveHand
  19. Switchinoid: SneezeGatling
  20. Switchinoid: StickerPutter
  21. Switchinoid: SnatchSnipper
  22. Switchinoid: MagnumBuster (powered by fourteen Switchinoids' mass power source with Far-Awa's SenpuuMagu)
  23. Switchinoid: MirageLocker
  24. Switchinoid: FireJet
  25. Switchinoid: CloakVisible
  26. Switchinoid: GiantClaw
  27. Switchinoid: CyberBlade (powered by eighteen Switchinoids' mass power source with cosmo energies)