Goseiger: The Final Battle Episode (ゴセイジャー:THE FINAL BATTLE EPISODE, Goseijā: Ze Fainaru Batoru Episōdo) is the directed cut version of two final episodes of Goseiger before event of Pirateger. Samuel battling Sasuke as before previously the series version. This film will bring the new scenes to the series finale and most of the scenes were cut out.


During the final time of the Human/Anime War, Samuel was worried about his friends but Burajin knows about.


  • After the most of the scenes were cut out to the replacement files, the new scenes were moved to the next part. However, the old one part of the final episodes scenes was not been replaced and moving to the film. This new scenes replacing Samuel's parents and others to Burajin and Eureka. Sasuke's death was edited by new scene to Samuel used his Absorbament Gosei Power to his Skick Sword and absorb the BEAST Memories along with small amounts of Skick Power to kill Sasuke.