GoseiKnight is the sixth Goseiger built by Burajin while fighting badly with stronger enemy. He was not speak as much because he is a baby Headder, but only saying "GoseiKnight" like a Pokemon. Whatever GoseiKnight is used by Goseigers as a arsenal, GoseiKnight transformed into his true form Goundion (or just say Growlion) and combination Gosei Ground.


He is the first appearance 21 who built by Burajin after Samuel is badly injured. Unfortunately, his invention was failure because GoseiKnight is the baby Headder much as Samuel and his friends shocked. Samuel helps GoseiKnight to defeat Ultimate Destruction. With Samurochi enlarged, GoseiKnight using Leon Cellular to transformed into his true form Groundion. Samuel surprised at GoseiKnight's true form that cause he's is the Gosei Headder then call the Skyon and Sealeon then combine into new mecha Gosei Ground. After Samurochi is defeated, GoseiKnight the baby Headder asked Samuel to be secondary partner and he agrees.

In Epic 61, GoseiKnight is shutting down by K'nuckles. Samuel cried and avenge for GoseiKnight's death then fill with rage at K'nuckles, but blocked by Immortal Beast. He is recovered by Burajin after shutting down by K'nuckles in Epic 63.

After Samuel's Quest, he went to the Angel Core to protect the Crystal Stars and Chaos Star.


  • Like Zubaan, he didn't speak very well, but only say like Pokemon.