GoseiBuredorabuster (ゴセイブレードラバスター, GoseiBurēdoraBasutā) is the Zarths theme-like sword/blaster and final weapon for Samuel Nakaoka the Second. It was originally as the Ultimate Gosei Power Sword (究極のゴセイパワー剣, Kyūkyoku no Gosei Pawāken) to fight his friends. However, his ultimate weapon was integrated by Samuel Nakaoka's tears seperating his light.


Ultimate Gosei Power SwordEdit

It was created by Samuel "Nakaoka" while in violent emotion after all three elite Gosei Power generals' remained soul into the core of light and used it to destroy the Gosei Tower. When he tried to head towards to the Gosei Tower, Brajira stop him before he pushes him away.


After Brajira stops Samuel's rampage, however, he still has his standalone attitude and incapable to talk Burajin and his friends anymore.

Sword ModeEdit

  • Skick Power
    • Taka Headder Trislash
    • Ptera Headder Knife
    • Crow Headder Spear
  • ​Landick Power
    • ​Kuwagata Headder Strike
    • Sai Headder Drill
    • Tyranno Headder Crusher
  • ​Seaick Power
    • ​Manta Headder Mirage
    • Sawshark Headder Stroke
    • Hammerhead Headder Smash

Blaster ModeEdit