Gokai Kaizoku was the combination of primary Gokai Animals. It can usabled by Dillain and his friends in the pilot. This used open the hatches used the cannon Gokai Cannon Burst.


GokaiLion/Hayate Leo/Blade MugenEdit

He was piloted by Samuel's and Eureka's son Dillain. He a resembled of GaoLion in Gaoranger. His attack with his claws. His evolved form was Hayate Leo before evolve even further a Blade Mugen.

Misumi NagisaEdit

She piloted by Freddie's and Fabia's daughter Miru Benson. She was lost her powers because Samuel used the Erase Card to erasing the evil forces. Her now she's GokaiLion's companion and transformed into mecha form.


He is pilot by Anjangna. He is not usable stubborn about beening jealous. In episode 19, GokaiDrill is crippled by Golsara no Sara, but repaired by Anjangna by trusting together.

Great Power Formation/Great Power-used of Finisher/Usable HelpersEdit

Pirateger: Gokai CannonEdit

Usabled by Pirategers. It can use the multi cannons to blow the monsters up. It's cannons was destroyed by Clive, but only damaged in one-part final episode.

Gekiranger: GekibeastsEdit

Usabled by KaizokuRed thanks to his adopted brother Jyan. It can summoning the GekiTiger, GekiCheetah, GekiJaguar, GekiWolf and Saidain to crip the monsters. In one-part of the final episode, the Gekibeasts is completely defeated by Clive.

Turboger: Flying Falcon MachineEdit

Usabled by KaizokuBlue thanks to helping GokaiDrill to finish it's repaired. KaizokuBlue now summoned the Flying Falcon Machine and combined into Flying Falcon Kaizoku. In one-part final episode, Flying Falcon is hardly stunned and trapped by Clive, but freed by Pirategers.


  • Flying Bomber
  • Bind Flash

Magiranger: Mystical DragonEdit

Usabled by KaizokuRed. He thinks mistake as Pirate Phone and require to use the Magiranger Key to unlock the Mystical Dragon. In one-part final episode, Mystical Dragon blasting Clive and his ships. However, it badly injured by Clive and trap it. It was freed by Pirategers and order to summoned once again by KaizokuRed.


  • Magi Breath
  • Cure Magi Breath (With thanks to Dark Pretty Cure 5 and turned into crystals, but using powers to revive them as the new Cure Key)

Dekaranger: DekaGun 0100Edit

Usabled by KaizokuRed. After he was freed by Doggie, Dekasaurer built the newest member of Dekaranger's helper mecha the DekaGun, but only small. Dillain require used Dekaranger Key to make it big. In one-part final episode, it tried to blast Clive, but he used telekinesis to smash it and trapped it. It was freed by Pirategers and order to summoned once again by KaizokuRed.


  • Full Blast
  • Custom Full Blast (With thanks to GoPink)

Go-Onger: Engine Gattaicon and Miko ShiroganeEdit

Usabled by KaizokuRed. After slow Machalcon down, he gave to the newest creation Gattaicon. But, he thinks the Gattaicon was not have a partner yet until Miko arrival. He and Miko formed with GokaiLion to formed Engine Kaizoku. In the one-part final episode, Gattaicon and Miko was trapped by Clive, but freed by Pirategers.

Tornadoger: Furai Pirate, Tenku Bird and Mitsugu TsukushinoEdit

Usabled by KaizokuRed. When Tornadogers accepting Dillain to more training, Furai Pirate trained Dillain for the new ninja moves. While in battle, he summoned the special Karukari Ball Tenku Bird to formed Mandioh (later, Reika-oh) and complete form Shuriken Kaizoku. After obtained in Resort Boin universe, Dillain summoned Mitsugu and formed with Tenku Bird into Tenkun Kaizoku. In the one-part final episode, she and Tenku Bird is trapped by Clive, but freed by Pirategers.


Usabled by Burajin. When Gokai Kaizoku was not strong enough to defeat Yogoshimacritien, he call Goranvure and combine into Goran Gokai Kaizoku. In Vs. Flying Ghost Ship, Goranvure can also combine with Masane to formed Goran Masane. In one-part final episode, it used the Goran V Missile to destroy the battleship. However, it quickly beaten and flee off. Goranvure used again by KaizokuRed to destroy MegaArmorShip's armor.


  • Goran V Missile
  • Gokai V Missile (With using the Ranger Lock of Pirategers)
  • Modikara V Firebird (With using the Ranger Lock of Shinkengers)

Witchblade: Masane AmahaEdit

Usabled by KaizokuRed. After Dillain revived Masane when Pirate Phone was disabled, he actually granted the Gokai Key for him. She can combined with Terumi Afuro and Gokai Lion to formed Ultimate Kaizoku (later, formed with Mystical Dragon, DekaGun and Nejilcon into Kaizokujin). In Vs. Flying Ghost Ship, she also combine with Goranvure to formed Goran Masane. In one-part of final episode, Masane was trapped by Clive, but freed by Pirategers.

Blood+: Saya Otonashi Aura/Real FormEdit

Usabled by KaizokuBlue. After Saya was stopped by GokaiLion, Mystical Dragon and DekaGun, Anjangna used the Gekiranger Key to activate the Gekibeasts, but accidentally activating her. Surprisely, she helped him from saving her husband Rolf and defeat the robot by Gokai Tag Team Red Burst.

Goseiger: Gokai BurstEdit

Usabled by KaizokuRed. After using reality of Gokai Headders, Dillain access Goseiger Key to formed Tensou Kaizoku. When using Gokai Burst, the Tensou Kaizoku become even more powerful.

Spaceranger: NejilconEdit

Usabled by KaizokuRed. When battling the Ranger Lock of Spacerangers as the training, Dillain access the Ranger Lock of Spaceranger to call Nejilcon and formed Island Kaizoku or Ultimate Kaizoku (later, Kaizokujin).

Boukenger: Bouken Aura/Bouken SaberEdit

Usabled by KaizokuYellow. With her mother Fabia digging the shovel, they saw the the legendary Precious and gift to Miru. With using legendary Previous that actually Great Power of Boukenger to glow strange yellow aura and turned into saber like-Bouken Shovel called Bouken Saber to slash the enemies.

Pretty Cure: Pretty Cure 5 Aura/Cure AuraEdit

Usabled by KaizokuYellow. With help the Pretty Cure 5 to defeat Shadow's creation, she earned the Cure Key and grant to Great Power. Miru summoned Cure Key, surprised the new Cure Aura similar of Dark Aqua.


  • Aura Slash
  • Gokai Aura Burst

Shinkenger: Minnie Mandy (later, Reika Kitami) and Takeru's great grandfather ShinkenmaruEdit

Usabled by KaizokuRed. With trained with Takeru, he grant Shinkenmaru, but he not finished yet until he find a partner Minnie Mandy. She joined Dillain to defeat them by Shinkenmaru and formed ShinkenMandiLion (then form ShinkenMandi-Oh). Minnie Mandy goodbye to Dillain and joined Team Peter. GokaiLion wish have find another partner until young Reika and she want to join Dillain then formed ShinkenReikaLion (and formed ShinkenReika-Oh).

Final Great PowerEdit

Usabled by KaizokuRed. With Ultimate Kaizoku, Mystical Dragon, DekaGun and Dark Dream, it charge into red aura and finished it the blasts to destroy MegaArmorShip's last armor. Which is Final Great Power is used by KaizokuRed and Kaizokujin final blow then ultimate finisher Final Gokai Slash resembled of Saya exception with a fire to destroy Clive's MegaArmorShip for good. In GO-Battlers, Captain Marvelous explains Dillain the Final Great Power are incredible powerful attack.

Fusionary Great PowerEdit

Usabled by KaizokuRed. With Mytis Keys fused into new Great Power, Dillain used Fusionary Great Power to combine with Kaizokujin, Cure Passion and Burajin to formed KaizokujinGokaiRide. In the instant battle, the Fusionary Great Power has amazing powers that GokaiLion used his new Great Power similar of Final Great Power.