Go-OnRedGoldExtra Returns (ゴーオンレッドゴールドEXTRA RETURNS, Gō-onReddoGōrudoEkisutora Ritānzu) is the special movie which is Samuel as Go-OnRed and Zero are featuring characters. This movie are six chapters which is sequel of Medager and Eureka's story Part. The first story is about Samuel meet Zero again and encounters his lost nemesis Saeki in Nothing Dimension (since Samuel trapping her to blank dimension) and her assistant Temperor Seijin that she creates her own monsters. Samuel used GoldExtra once again to defeat Saeki.

Chapter One: Saeki in Nothing DimensionEdit

During the fight against EX Red King, Zero was injured badly fighting for Temperor Seijin. However, Samuel as Go-OnRed appeared and take down EX Red King then knock unconscious. Zero meeting Samuel again as he explains that Enter helps Zero on his way. Temperor angry that he is the powerful Sentai Warrior who contained the power of Evolution God. Samuel encounters him as using Shinnorod with his Go-OnTimer. Temperor calls forth his soldiers to take down Samuel. However, they were defeated by Go-OnRed's all fully transformed combo and Temperor was shocked at Go-OnRed's powers. As he encountered, the strange black portal come by and suck them into the portal and end up to Nothing Dimension. Zero saw strangely, shocked at Samuel's Genderswap Form that he turned back into normal state. Samuel holds Asami's key form when she sacrificed herself to destroys the End Shooker. Which is found out they encounters Saeki, a lost nemesis.


  • This featuring since Kaiju Buster to used monsters while in Ranger form.