The Earth Condemnation Group Yuumajuu (地球犠獄集団 幽魔獣, Chikyū Gigoku Shūdan Yūmajū, Spectral Demon Beasts) are the second set of fictional antagonists of the thirty-fourth Super Sentai Series Tensou Sentai Goseiger, that are the second group to battle the Goseigers for their destruction fo the Earth. Like their predecessors, the Universal Annihilation Army Warstar, each of their names is a modification of a film title. For the Yuumajuu, these films are monster movies and each member of Yuumajuu is modeled after a specific cryptid or other horror film creatures. In addition, the kanji in the name of a Yuumajuu is indicative of its abilities. The name Yūmajū comes from a Japanese term for cryptids akin to "UFO": UMA (ユーマ, Yūma, Unidentified Mysterious Animal).

Ten-thousand years ago, the two leading Yuumajuu were sealed into the Erurei Box (エルレイの匣, Erurei no Hako), a source of the Yuumajuu's power. In 2010, Dereputa's meteor shower inadvertently exposed the Erurei Box as Buredoran secretly breaks the seal on it, freeing the Yuumajuu once more as they intend to pollute the Earth and make it into an ideal paradise for themselves. At the same time, GoseiKnight is reawakened in response to stop them. The Erurei Box is named after the film Hellraiser (ヘル・レイザー, Heru Reizā).