Dillain Joo
Gender: Male
Relative/families: Samuel Joo (father)
Eureka (mother)
Samuel's father (grandfather)
Rachel Joo (grandmother)
Samuel's grandfather (great-grandfather)
Duck Soon (great-grandmother)
Season: Misunderstanding Squadron Pirateger
Homeworld: Coreath
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Dillain Joo (ディレインジョー, Direin Jō) was a son of Samuel and Eureka and he the successor of 20th Sentai Red Ranger.


He is same of Kira Hiroto, but different light green eye, red hair and has a Coralian mark. As years after, he was similarite of Silver's looks.


He was frightened boy who cared his father and mother. He is the protection of Eureka when she angry at enemies. He was also crying because he scared by enemies or doen't want to go with them. He cared about his father and mother as he frightened. Dillain encouraged by Eureka get on the fight.

As he now 12 years old, he's get aggressive like his father.


He was 8 years old and beginning to test. He was now the new PirateRed, new weapons, and new mechas. Later, he now was 9 years old after the test. In episode 20, he help his father to stealing Reika's Secret Phone with Burajin to seeking. During the special episode 3, Dillain teach Jealousto to learned the Gokai Burst. After the year, he is now 12 years old and resembled of Silver's looks



  • Both Dillian Joo and Kira Hiroto are the same person. Actually Kiyama Hiroto looks as the normal person.
  • Unlike Samuel Joo, Dillain is scared by Samuel's old enemies until Eureka encouraged him to fight them.
  • During the time, he used similarite Geki Clone-Fist called Gokai Burst.
  • Oddly, Dillain cries too loud and makes enemies distracted.
  • Strangely, American counterpart was Dillain's 11 years old, but in Sentai counterpart was 12 years old.