Darkros is the fictional antagonist like Shadow. According to Ripper, she revealed was his creation after event of Pirategers. She is the enemy of Samuel Joo (sometime, befriend or enemy), Dillain Joo (sometimes, befriend or enemy) and Shadow (sometime, not sure). Her counterpart of Rukia after Ripper failing experiment about Hisana Kuchiki. She was a son Marcell Darkes.



She was created by Ripper who pick up Rukia's hair, unfortunate gets mad at him. Ripper used Rukia's hair to cloning the Rukia look-a-like. However, the experiment failed and creating an egg, hatched into an incompleted Rukia and somehow called Darkros (or Darkes). This uncontrollable Darkros using the darkness being to corrupts their universes.


After the universes was corrupted, the Legend One claim the Light Of GEOS to destroy the darkness and seals Darkros from getting hurt the civilzins. Unfortunately, after the first Samuel died and source of Zeo Crystal energy, she revival creating her servants called Dark Death Lords who possessed of Death Lords after they destroyed. With the servants and prime servants Lemcrab, Sadako, Yogoshimacritein, Benson, Hunter J, Biarce, Rei, Kiyama and Clive were defeated by Samuel however, Roger is now badly killed by Samuel's Self-Destructed and destroyed the seal forever.


  • Her revealed was creation of Ripper Roo which is gone crazy.