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DEVIL King Cross
Gender: Male
Villain Type: Doom Immortal
Season: Fossilbeasts Squadron GO-Battler
Homeworld: Catherine Universe
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Tera Devast

DEVIL King Cross is the major antagonist in Fossilbeast Squadron GO-Battler. He is last survivor of Doom Immortal after Sasuke Uchiha is sealed. He is the most powerful last opponent Doom Immortal.


DEVIL who is last survivor of Doom Immortal and chance to revenge on Samuel Joo. He used his old enemies' attacks and blast them. However, he is defeated by GO-Buster's combined weapons.

Unfortunately, DEVIL evolving rapidly revealed himself as his true form DEVIL Chimera Beast then blasting and overwhelming GO-Battlers, killing Samuel's son and knock out their Kasekijuus. However, Dillain is resurrected then forcing to sealing him for good by Kugourei Kasekijujin and the Kasekidals.