AoiSentaisabgun (葵戦隊セイガン, Aoisentai Seigan) is the Dillain's ultimate weapon and actually Sanae's weapon mode created from Samuel's alter-ago, Samuel Daigo's and Basco's wishes which allowed to transformed into his final form called Zeed Mode, a power of Final Forms. This first appearance actually saw by Master that he comments "This is...".


Before obtain the final weapon, he traveled to his own quest to find the alternate and past Samuel. After he traveled to Delusion World, The blue-haired teenage girl named Hikarimaru, a major rivalry of Samuel Daigo and Delusion World unknown being appeared that Super Sentai were never existed because Samuel and the others were just Another World's counterparts. Before him, the alternate Lemcrab appeared as Crabipon launch to battle at Dillain before he transformed into KaizokuRed. However, the Ranger Locks was suddenly disappeared because of alternate Samuel was not a Super Sentai. Fortunately, the mysterious Sentai Rider appeared as Habiki Rider to beat Crabipon and his minons. She revealed her true identity named Sanae, a doll-like Ranger Key. When he arrived at Akibara Store, Dillain explains how to become a first Sentai Rider like his father and how to transform into Final Form.

As Dillain learned that Delusion World was just a decade era, his era will be destroyed by the mysterious bounty hunter named Super Dimension Warrior Beast: Ndo as well Delusion World caused his friends' disappeared which is Ranger Keys was disappeared too. He manage to stop her from


These numbers are Sentai symbols similar of Singular Rider's D-Touch. By inserting his KaizokuRed Ranger Key on the keyhole then announce "KaizokuRed, Zeed Mode (カイゾクレッド、ジードモード, KaizokuReddo, Jīdo Mōdo). After transformed into Zeed Mode, pressing 1 to 0 numbers to order summoning the past heroes' Final Forms. With pressing the FinalAttack button, it announce "Rough Strike!" (はでにストライク, Hade ni Sutoraiku) in sword mode or "Rough Shoot!" (はでにシュート, Hade ni Shūto) in gun mode. By combining Pirate Phone, it announce "Special Combine!" (スペシャルコンバイン, Supesharu Konbain) then formed GokaiSentaisabgun (誤解戦隊セイガン, Gokaisentai Seigan). Whenever pressing the "Go, Sanae!" (ゴー, サナエ!, Gō, Sanae!), the weapon transformed into actually Sanae though it was the weapon, but similar of Zubaan was.

Standard VersionEdit

Singular Rider COMPLETEEdit

When pressing 1 button, he summoned the Singular Rider COMPLETE. When using Rough Strike, Dillain used his red version of Samuel's final attack to slashes toward the enemies called Gokai Singular Rider Slash.

Tyrannoranger SuperArmedEdit

When pressing 2 button, he summoned the Tyrannoranger SuperArmed. When using Rough Strike, Dillain used his version to strike the opponents.

GaoRed Summoner FormEdit

TornadoRed Gozen ModeEdit

DinoMax All AbarenEdit

Agido Infinity RisingEdit

Kivata Four Emperora StylesEdit

Liner Fusion FormEdit

GekiRed Solaris ModeEdit

Go-OnRed AllDragonFormationEdit

Gekijo VersionEdit

Singular Rider EX COMPLETE FormEdit

A genderswapped form of Samuel "Nakaoka" Joo and strangely enhanced and final version of Singular Rider Gekijou COMPLETE. By using accessed, Samuel performed his Beashead Hell within his AllDragonFormationRush form with Ryotaro can perform Beast Rush Kick used to be called Super Beast Rush Kick.