Adoborute-G of the Vital (バイタルのアドボルテG, Baitaru no Adoborute Jī): Adoborute-G is send to test out his petrifying Vital Meter on humans in a scheme to ensure their human slaves wouldn't be defiant. He has optical camouflage that can disguise himself as a pink rabbit suit. When he fires a barrage of bullets from his body, he says "Scatter Go-Go!" (サンランゴゴー!, Sanran Gogō!). Defeated by Super Gosei Yellow, Adoborute-G is eventually destroyed by Gosei Ultimate. Adoborute-G is named after Crank: High Voltage (アドレナリン:ハイ・ボルテージ, Adorenarin: Hai Borutēji) and modeled after a coral. Voiced by Mitsuaki Hoshino (星野 充昭, Hoshino Mitsuaki).